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    Many people are put off by the prospect of investing in Bitcoin, which is understandable given its relatively foreign position. If you feel like you don't have enough time to invest or are skeptical about the prosperity of investing in Bitcoin, you've come to the right place.c

    Signing up for Bitcoin Prime could very well be the best decision you've made all year. Buckle up for a long, enjoyable and potentially profitable experience that will build intrigue and excitement.

    What is Bitcoin?

    Despite its immense influence within the digital space, Bitcoin does not have the same mainstream exposure as other financial instruments. For example, it is unlikely that you will find advertisements for Bitcoin in popular media such as television and radio. Furthermore, Bitcoin is a new phenomenon that is not backed by central authorities, which is one of the main reasons many of us are out of the loop. With that said, let's take a closer look at Bitcoin and break it down into layman's terms to help you better understand its concepts.

    Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to purchase goods and services from physical retailers and online destinations. However, it differs from traditional currency in that it does not have any tangible/physical representation of value. In this sense, Bitcoin differs from all other currencies in the world that have physical denominations, usually in the form of coins and bills.

    Even though Bitcoin exists solely in the digital space, that doesn't mean it lacks security and value. This is a common misconception that can be off-putting, while in reality Bitcoin's value, status, and security are generated during the creation process. Bitcoins are made up of a series of complex algorithms and codes that make each individual bitcoin unit unique. They cannot be replicated or counterfeited, meaning they have a unique intrinsic value that goes against common misconceptions.

    Bitcoin is decentralized, which means that unlike traditional currencies, banks cannot simply print more bitcoins in accordance with government initiatives. This is very intriguing from the perspective of empowering people, as the central authorities do not have the final say on the value of bitcoin.  Much of the world currency has depreciated due to more money being printed, which tends to cause inflation and undoubtedly keeps the vast majority of wealth among the elite. When the central banking elite increases money supplies, power is taken out of the hands of the people. As things currently stand, Bitcoin is immune from the clutches of the authorities and operates independently without being controlled by a major conglomerate. As a result, it is less likely to depreciate and is resistant to hyperinflation.

    How is Bitcoin created?

    So if Bitcoin is not created by the "men behind the curtain", how is it actually made? You will be amazed by a creation process that can only be described as a stroke of genius. Bitcoin changes hands through a network of extremely complex security protocols, processes that protect users and prevent coins from being duplicated. This means that when bitcoins are exchanged, the corresponding procedures are more secure and you can trade with a feeling of safety and security.
    The creation system requires hardware to facilitate these transactions, which is volunteered by people known as Bitcoin miners. They are integral components of the Bitcoin network, where, whether large or small, their ability to build industry-leading computers with incredible mining power drives the Bitcoin market.
    In exchange for facilitating the Bitcoin creation process, the network rewards miners with newly minted Bitcoins. Being operated by an advanced selection of miners, the creation process is regulated and remains self-sufficient. Although there is much more to explain, with complicated considerations behind the scenes, with this basic understanding, you will be perfectly positioned to trade successfully with Bitcoin Prime.

    Setting up Bitcoin mining can be costly, especially for those looking to generate authentic value from the process. Some dedicate entire warehouses to mining, others a room or two full of computers to ensure maximum processing power. It can be a difficult arena to enter, so we highly recommend trading before exploring other options. By using Bitcoin Prime to your advantage, you can find out if Bitcoin is for you before exploring its endless possibilities and applications.

    Don't let the volatile nature of Bitcoin put you off

    Bitcoin has been on an unpredictable journey from its inception until now. It has been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, but in recent years the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights.
    The big boom of 2017 suggested great promise, but doubt and skepticism remained on the cards as prices fell over the next two years. It is the volatile and unpredictable nature of Bitcoin that can put many people off, so we can understand why you are afraid of getting burned. However, with the help of Bitcoin Prime, you can overcome the doubts that prevent you from reaching your investment potential. In fact, we accept and can help you capitalize on these changing market conditions to create a safe environment.

    Bitcoin showed its resilience at a time when most markets took a huge hit due to the global pandemic. Its ability to recover faster than expected demonstrates its long-lasting potential and investment intrigue. The fact that Bitcoin has held up so well in the face of adversity is great news for you, as its tendency to increase in value is limitless.

    The moral of the story is that Bitcoin shows unlimited investment potential in a market where it will continue to go up and down. This is a perfect space to invest with the expert help of Bitcoin Prime.

    Trading with Bitcoin Prime

    Given the unique nature of Bitcoin, it is not surprising that it does not have much in common with conventional currency trading. The value of Bitcoin fluctuates more than any other currency, and the value of one bitcoin is considerably higher than that of a unit of any other denomination.


    Common FAQ's

    Our team of Bitcoin Prime experts is made up of industry veterans with years of credible Bitcoin trading experience. We are always available to provide insight and expertise at all times, addressing any common questions or issues you are experiencing. Here are some of the most common questions that have been asked, with answers for your viewing comfort:

    This can trip people up as a lot of people think they can set up an account to store their Bitcoin. This is not too far from the truth, just that Bitcoins are actually stored in “wallets”.

    Wallets are digital locations that cover any device or program that can store Bitcoin. You can secure your own wallet using one of the many online destinations for your convenience. Alternatively, with the correct program installed, your phone can act as a wallet, or even a USB stick or hard drive.

    It is important to remember that Bitcoin is a secure and complex code. Using this logic, anything that can store code can store Bitcoin. Any device that can hold code can store Bitcoin, and we call those devices wallets. It is also important to be aware of the different types of Bitcoin wallets that exist.

    There are two different categories of Bitcoin wallets: hot and cold.

    Hot wallets are used by most of the Bitcoin world and it is what you will get used to with Bitcoin Prime. Hot wallets are those that require an internet connection to use and access, for example the Bitcoin wallet apps you can get for your phone.

    Hot wallets are simple and convenient because if you want to receive Bitcoin, all you need to do is submit your wallet ID. If you want to send Bitcoin, you will simply need to enter the recipient's wallet ID to initiate the transaction. You can transfer money in and out of wallets quickly and easily, making it a fantastic option for day trading.

    However, hot wallets come with security issues, where the need for a constant internet connection can leave them open to cyber attacks. The associated worry can drive people to cold wallets, which are offline and less easy to raid. Even though this method makes it difficult to transfer coins, you can access them without an internet connection.

    Cold wallets are not designed for daily transactions, but rather for long-term investments. They can be loaded with coins, placed in a safe deposit box and left. It is helpful to be aware of the existence of cold wallets, although you will not need to understand their application to trade on Bitcoin Prime.

    Security concerns largely stem from online Bitcoin trading. There are many online marketplaces that make it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin, which on their own are perfectly safe.

    However, many users end up leaving their coins on these websites for convenience, where the security is considerably worse than with a secure wallet. If the website you purchased coins from experiences a data breach, hackers can break into the network and everyone becomes susceptible to losing their Bitcoin.

    This is a very rare occurrence, but possible nonetheless. For your own protection, it is important to ensure that you do not leave your money stored in a cryptocurrency market and instead use a secure wallet.

    With tight security designed to protect you, accessing your wallet isn't as simple as logging in. You will need a key to enter, where each wallet has a unique key that is generated from a random string of numbers and letters.

    Many people lose Bitcoin by losing their key, which is why it is so important to keep track of yours and never lose it. Keeping a cold copy and a digital copy of your key is a good idea, as long as you keep more than one cold copy.

    Because Bitcoin is decentralized, there is no customer support you can call if you lose access to your wallet. With this in mind, you can understand the importance of making a note of your password and keeping it safe and secure.